Sell Your Vehicle

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Information We Require from you

Information required from you may differ if the vehicle is under a Business Name rather than your personal name. We will discuss the information we require from you over the phone to make the transaction as seamless as possible.

You will need to provide proof to our Team that you have the right to transfer the registration. If your vehicle is under finance, you’ll need to ensure that this has been paid out in full prior to transfer. Our Team can assist you with paying the car out, so don’t hesitate to ask.

1. 100 points of ID (must consist of a photo ID and proof of address)

Types of identification

You need to provide at least 3 documents that add up to a minimum of 100 points.

1 identification document from Category A or Category B, including your photograph and signature at least 1 document that shows your current address. Including:

Category A documents (70 points)

  • Passport, current or expired less than 2 years ago
  • Birth Certificate
  • Australian Citizenship Certificate

Category B documents (initial document worth 40 points, subsequent documents worth 25 points)

(initial document worth 40 points, subsequent documents worth 25 points)

  • Drivers Licence - current photo licence issued by an Australian State or Territory
  • Australian Public Service Employee ID Card with photo
  • Other Australian Government issue ID card with photo
  • Tertiary Student ID card with photo

Category C documents (25 points)

  • Credit/Debit/ATM Card – maximum of one card from any one financial institution
  • Medicare card
  • Utility bill or rate notice eg water, council rates, electricity or gas
  • Must be less than 12 months old
  • Statement from a Financial Institution where you’ve held the account for at least 1 year
  • Social security or pension card

2. Current registration certificate

Don’t have a copy? Simply visit

3. Your bank details

Once you are a price has been agreed, we will require:

  • BSB and Account Number
  • Account name

Terms and Conditions

When providing an estimate valuation to our clients we need to take a broad approach to your vehicle. When we make contact we will need to clarify some of the information you have provided.

Some of the assumptions are as follows:

  • - Your vehicle is in your Private Name and your are the first registered owner.
  • - Your vehicle is in a Roadworthy Conition.
  • - Your vehicle complies with current Australian Design Rules.
  • - Your Vehicle has been Serviced as per the Manufacturers Handbook.
  • - You have Both Sets of Keys and Complete Owners Manuals.
  • - Your Vehicle is not a repairable Write-Off.
  • - There are no Engine Lights showing and the car is Mechanically Sound.
  • - Your Vehicle is in immacualte condition and has minimal wear and tear evident.
  • - To be fair to both parties we also request that you are honest about flood or hail damage that might be evident on your vehicle. Our team perform thorough checks when acquring vehicles.